Health Ministries

The church’s health ministry is currently involved in the following areas.




  1. Monthly blood pressure checks. These are done free to anyone requesting them, and are provided by one of several Registered Nurses following the worship service one Sunday each month.
  2. Influenza vaccinations. These are provided at cost to anyone requesting them during the “vaccination season” in the fall of each year. These are also provided following the Sunday worship service.
  3. The health ministry previously facilitated the acquisition of an automatic defibrillator. This is maintained by the health ministry, and remains available for any cardiac emergency that might occur within the church building. This model is self-instructing, and can be easily used by nonmedical personnel.
  4. Maintaining an inventory of medical supplies available for loan to church members. This includes canes, crutches, wheelchairs, shower seats, etc. These are kept in a locked supply room, but supplies can be checked out through the church office.
  5. Maintaining an emergency oxygen supply and an emergency first aid kit.