Child and Youth Protection Policy

Part of the fulfilling of our baptismal covenant with all persons of the church is insuring that our community life is safe and healthy for all persons, especially our children and youth.  

All adults, whether volunteer or compensated, who work with children and/or youth are required to complete an application, interview with a pastor or program staff member, successfully complete the child and youth protection training, be a member of FPC for at least six months, read and sign a copy of the protection policy, agree to a criminal background check, follow all guidelines and procedures stipulated by FPC’s Child and Youth Protection Policy.

Child protection policy  First Presbyterian Church sponsors many programs designed to bring together children, youth and adults as a community for worship, study, celebration and nurture.  This can only be accomplished in an environment free of physical, sexual and emotional abuse.  It is the policy of First Presbyterian Church to provide many varied opportunities for education, fellowship and spiritual nurture that take place free of any abuse.  To accomplish these ends, First Presbyterian Church acknowledges the potential for abuse to occur, establishes processes intended to prevent abuse, defines certain prohibited practices, maintains vigilance to assure that all programs of the church are carried out free from physical, sexual and emotional abuse, and establishes processes to assure instances of suspected abuse will be addressed through internal and external resources.