Arts @ First

First Presbyterian Church is a congregation whose building is known for the beauty of its physical space and whose worship is knows for the beauty of its music. In addition, God has drawn many people to the congregation who are either artists (musicians, painters, photographers, writers) or those who care deeply about the arts. Thus, we celebrate the goodness and beauty of God’s creation by including various art forms in our worship and by fostering a love of beauty and the arts, within and beyond the congregation.


Through the Arts@First  

  • We steward creation itself (wood, glass, color, music, paint, stone, clay, sound, language, etc.) toward voicing its praise of the Creator.
  • Invite people to worship God in new and meaningful ways, expressed through various art forms.
  • Creatively teach and communicate the beliefs and practices of the Christian faith, through stories, symbols, and metaphors expressed in music, stained glass, architecture, liturgy, etc.
  • Cultivate the creative gifts of children and adults through classes, workshops, concerts, and exhibits.
  • Connect people to the church, to Jesus Christ, and to God’s activity in our world, by offering access to various art forms in ‘sacred space.’
  • Provide opportunities for shalom or ‘refreshing delight,’ a ‘calm in the midst of storm’ for those oppressed by the ugliness, disorder and propaganda of daily life.

Arts@First encompasses both this inclusion of artistic expression in and through the congregation’s life and the offering of special events in the arts, for the benefit of congregation and community.



Music has always been an important part in the life of God’s people. Here at First Presbyterian Church, we are pleased to continue our long-standing tradition of celebrating the beauty of fine music by offering members of the community a diverse and rich concert experience. All are invited to celebrate the gift of music presented through our annual concert series.

Renowned organists, choral and instrumental ensembles and soloists have been featured in the concert series. Previous concerts have been presented by the Kansas City Chorale; the Allegro Children’s Choir; the St. Olaf College Cantorei Choir; the Missouri State University Chorale; Lee and Ann Marie Snook, vocalists; Timothy Crane, Shane Spangler, James and Julie Rivers, pianists; Elaine Chard, Felix Hell, Olivier Latry, Isabelle Demers, David Briggs, organists; and instrumentalists BL?, a Harp Trio; Nicholas Good, harpsichordist and the KC Baroque Consortium; Theo Musick, percussionist.