Consultant Report

Earlier this year, our presbytery’s Committee on Ministry advised that if our congregation chose to move forward with calling a Designated Pastor instead of hiring an Interim Pastor, we needed to work with a consultant on these four areas:

  • congregational and session healing in light of the last five years
  • a new vision for the future
  • staffing for the vision
  • funding and stewardship for the vision.

After research and discernment, session voted to bring in Tom Ehrich – a writer, consultant and Episcopal priest based in New York.

Tom spent ten days with us – listening as congregation members shared their joys and concerns, visiting with staff members and church leaders, analyzing information from a congregational survey, examining the history and statistics of the church. Tom spent a day with session, sharing what he learned and his recommendations for the future. Then he gave a presentation to congregation members and answered questions. Tom’s presentation was recorded. You may request a DVD by calling the church office at 233-9601. You can download his report to the congregation below or pick up a printed copy at the office front desk.

Tom Ehrich’s Report to Congregation